How to describe Jaimy?

Jaimy is an 3D-Motion Artist, Interactive Designer, and an old school gamer currently based in Geetbets, Belgium. Most of his work focuses on Animations, Web-design and UI/UX.

When not buried under a veritable mountain of gaming pleasure, he likes to linger around his workplace and make some amazing shit, marvel at the wonders of the internet, and ponder on his twenty-one years of existance.

He is particulary fond of dogs, Nintendo, old music from the 80’s and terrible jokes; he also does not normally refer to himself in third person.

What can Jaimy do?

Jaimy is skilled in many different talents, and he is currently studying Interactive design at the PXL-Mad, Hasselt.

One of these talents are 3D Motions, where he makes some really weird... “animations” for your viewing pleasures. These “animations” where made by Cinema4D.

He can also use a lot of the Adobe Creative Cloud programs, from Photoshop, Illustrator and Indesign to After Effects, Premiere Pro and even some Dreamweaver.

How else would he have made this website your watching now?